The 1999 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards for Excellence in Reporting on Drug and Alcohol Problems

1999 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards Presenters and Speakers:

Lesley Stahl, 60 Minutes
James Burke, Partnership for a Drug Free America
Diane Sawyer, ABC TV 


1999 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards Winners:

Timothy Egan, New York Times for “Crack’s Legacy” 
A two-part series that explores the crack epidemic’s lingering impact on communities, prisons and families, and that assesses the nation’s drug laws in the wake of this epidemic (February 28–29, 1999)

Matthew Schofield, Kansas City Star for “A Meth Diary”
A multi-part series that uses one woman’s descent into an addiction to methamphetamines as a lens on the drug’s grave impact on the entire Kansas City community

Carol Marin, Don Moseley, Susan Evans, WBBM-TV (CBS Chicago) for “Hooked On Heroin”
A two-part series that explores the dimensions of the growing problem of heroin use among teenagers in the Chicago suburbs and that identifies promising community solutions to address this emerging crisis (November 1998)

Allison Zigich, Jefferson Public Radio (Ashland, Oregon) for “Victim’s Impact” 
A piece that uses the voices and stories of survivors of drunk driving accidents to educate listeners about the devastating effects of driving under the influence (December 29, 1997)

1999 Honorable Mentions:

Tim Golden, New York Times for “Mexican Drug Corruption” 
(June–December, 1998) 

Polly Saltonstall, New Bedford Times (Massachusetts) for “Rush to Nowhere: Heroin, Cocaine and Community”