The 2006 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards for Excellence in Reporting on Drug and Alcohol Problems

2006 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards Presenters and Speakers:

Elizabeth Vargas, ABC’s 20/20
Lynn Sherr, ABC’s 20/20
Michael Crichton, Author

2006 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards Winners:

Carl Byker and Mitch Williams, Frontline for “The Meth Epidemic.”
A documentary film that provides a uniquely comprehensive look at the history of methamphetamine in the U.S. and the federal government’s response. (February 14, 2006)

Francesca Rheannon, WFCR (Amherst, MA) for “Voices of HIV.”
A radio series examining the underlying causes, including injection drug use, of the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community in Western Massachusetts. (January 9–13, 2006)

Kevin CaufieldNews Tribune (LaSalle, IL), “Requiem for Heroin’s Victims.”
A six-part series of in-depth profiles of six heroin overdose victims in Illinois Valley, where heroin use and addiction is rampant. (August 15–20, 2005)

Angela GarciaHigh Country News (Paonia, CO), “Land of Disenchantment.”
An immensely personal article examining the roles of poverty and disenfranchisement in creating entrenched heroin addiction among Latinos in the Española Valley in New Mexico. (April 3, 2006)