Crosswalk of Treatment Approaches Studied
Type of Treatment Approach(es) compared
No/Minimal Treatment Outpatient Residential Other
Study Name (primary reference) 12-Step Centered Behavior Therapy Family Therapy Other Outpatient 12-Step Centered Other Short Term Residential Therapeutic Communities Other Long Term Residential Engagement Psycho-pharmacology Continuing Care
AADAC Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Evaluation (Harvey-Jansen, 1995) X X
AAIM Alcoholics Anonymous Inpatient Model (Alford et al., 1991) X
ACC Assertive Continuing Care (Godley et al., 2002) X
BTOS Behavioral Therapy Outcomes Study (Azrin et al., 1994) X X
CATOR CATOR Systems of New Standards, Inc. (Bergman et al., 1995) X X X
CBTvIT Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy versus Interactional Therapy (Kaminer & Burleson, 1999) X X
CBTvPET Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy versus Psychoeducational Therapy (Kaminer et al., 2002) X X
CTOS Canada Treatment Outcomes Study (Cornwall & Blood,1998) X X
CvOPFT Conjoint versus One-person Family Therapy (Szapoznik et al., 1983) X X
CYT Cannabis Youth Treatment Study (Dennis et al., under review) X X
DARP Drug Abuse Reporting Program (Sells &  X X X
DATOS-A Drug Abuse Treatment Outcomes Study of Adolescents (Hser et al., 2001) X X X
DOMS Drug Outcomes Monitoring Study (Dennis et al., 2000) X X X
FDES Family Drug Education Study (Joanning et al., 1992) X X X
Fluoxetine Effectiveness Study (Cornelius et al., 2001)
FFTvCBT Functional Family Therapy versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Waldron et al., 2001) X X
FTvPG Family Therapy versus Parent Groups (Friedman, 1989) X
FYTO  Four Year Treatment Outcomes (Brown et al., 2001) X
ICPSvFBT Individual-Cognitive Problem Solving v. Family-Behavior Therapy (Azrin et al., 2001) X X
LCT Lithium Controlled Trial (Geller et al., 1998) X X
MDFT1 Multidimensional Family Therapy Study 1 (Liddle et al., 2001) X X
MDFT2 Multidimensional Family Therapy Study 2 (Dakof et al., 2001) X
MMS Minnesota Model Study (Winters et al., 2000) X X X
MST1 Multisystemic Therapy Study 1 (Henggeler et al., 1991) X X
MST2 Multisystemic Therapy Study 2 (Henggeler et al., 2002) X
NTIES National Treatment Improvement Evaluation Study (Gerstein & Johnson, 1999) X X X
PBFTvTIPS Purdue Brief Family Therapy v. Training in Parenting Skills (Lewis et al., 1990) X X
PSUD Psychoactive Substance Use Disorder (Spooner et al., 2001) X
SCT Sertraline Controlled Trial (Deas et al., 2000) X X X
SFPS San Francisco Project Study (Amini et al., 1982) X X
SROS Services Research Outcomes Study (OAS, 1995) X X X
SSSE Strategic Structural Systems Approach v. Engagement as Usual (Szapocznik et al., 1988) X
TCA Therapeutic Communities for Adolescents (Jainchill et al., 2000) X
TOPS Treatment Outcome Prospective Study (Hubbard et al., 1985) X X