Abbreviation Glossary
Abbreviation Name of Scale
AADAC Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Evaluation (Harvey-Jansen, 1995)
AAIM Alcoholics Anonymous Inpatient Model (Alford et al., 1991)
AAIS Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Sclae (Mayer & Filstead, 1979; Moberg, 1983)
ACC Assertive Continuing Care (Godley et al., 2002)
ACRA Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (Godley et al., 2001)
ADI Adolescent Diagnostic Interview (Winters & Henly, 1988)
AGT Adolescent Group Therapy (Joanning et al., 1992; Liddle et al., 2001)
ALSE Acute Lithium Side Effects Scale (Geller, 1988)
AOB Acting Out Behaviors Scale (Ben-Porath et al., 1989)
ARCQ Adolescent Relape Coping Questionnaire (Myers & Brown, 1996)
ARFQ Adolescent Reasons for Quitting Questionnaire (Stephens et al., 2002)
APA American Psychological Assocaition (
APA American Psychiatric Association (
ASAM American Society of Addiction Medicine (
ASI Addiction Severity Index (McLellan et al., 1980)
BDI Beck Depression Inventory (Beck et al., 1961)
BPC Behavior Problem Checklist (Quay & Peterson, 1979)
BSI Brief Symptom Inventory (Derogatis et al., 1976)
BTOS Behavioral Therapy Outcomes Study (Azrin et al., 1994)
CADUH Current Alcohol and Drug Use History Form (Addictions Research Foundation, 1990)
CARF Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (
CATOR CATOR Systems of New Standards
CBCL Child Behavior Checklist (Achenback & Edelbrock, 1983)
CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Kadden et al., 1995; Kaminer & Burleson, 1999; Turner, 1993)
CBTvIT Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy versus Interactional Therapy (Kaminer & Burleson, 1999)
CDDR Customary Drinking and Drug Use Record (Brown et al., 1998)
CFT Conjoint Family Therapy (Szapoznik et al., 1983)
CGI  Clinical Global Impressions Scale (cited in Cornelius et al., 2001)
CODAP Client Oriented Data Acquisition Process (NIDA)
CSAT Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (
CSEI Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory (Coopersmith, 1981)
CTCR Center for Therapeutic Community Research Interview (CTCR, 1992)
CTOS Canada Treatment Outcomes Study (Cornwall & Blood, 1998)
CvOPFT Conjoint versus One-person Family Therapy (Szapoznik et al., 1983)
CYT Cannabis Youth Treatment Study (Dennis et al., under review)
DARP Drug Abuse Reporting Program (Sells & Simpson, 1979)
DAS Dyadic Adjustment Scale (Spanier, 1976)
DAST Drug Abuse Screening Test-10 (Skinner, 1982)
DATOS-A Drug Abuse Treatment Outcomes Study of Adolescents (Hser et al., 2001)
DFI Dyadic Formation Inventory (Lewis, 1973)
DISC Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children (Fisher et al., 1993)
DISC-R Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children – Revised (Shaffer et al., 1993)
DOMS Drug Outcomes Monitoring Study (Dennis et al., 2000)
DOTS-R Dimensions of Temperament Survey – Revised (Windle, 1992)
DSI Drug Severity Index (Friedman et al., 1995)
DSM-III-R Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version III-Revised (APA, 1987)
DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version IV-Revised (APA, 1994)
DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version IV-Text Revised (APA, 2001)
ECBI Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (Eyberg & Ross, 1978)
FACES-II Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scales Version II (Olson et al., 1982)
FACES-III Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scales Version III (Olson et al., 1982)
F-Copes Family Coping Strategies (Olson et al., 1982)
FDE Family Drug Education (Joanning et al., 1992)
FDES Family Drug Education Study (Joanning et al., 1992)
FES Family Environment Scale (Moos, 1974)
FES Fluoxetine Effectiveness Study (Cornelius et al., 2001)
FFS Friends, Family and Self (Simpson & McBride, 1992)
FFT Functional Family Therapy (Alexander & Parsons, 1982)
FFTvCBT Functional Family Therapy versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Waldron et al., 2001)
FH-RDC Family History Research Diagnostic Criteria (Andreasen et al., 1977)
FPAS Family Problem Assessment Scales (Kiresuk & Sherman, 1968)
FRTB Family Role Task Behavior Scale (Friedman & Friedman, 1973)
FSN Family Support Network (Hamilton et al., 2001)
FST Family Systems Therapy (Joanning et al., 1992)
FTR Family Tasks Ratings (Spanish Family Guidance Center cited in Szapoznik et al., 1983)
FTvPG Family Therapy versus Parent Groups (Friedman, 1989)
FYTO  Four Year Treatment Outcomes (Brown et al., 2001.)
GAIN Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (Dennis, 1999)
GHPS Global Health Pathology Scale (Hampson et al., 1990)
HAM-D Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (Hamilton, 1976)
ICPSvFBT Individual-Cognitive Problem Solving v. Family-Behavior Therapy (Azrin et al., 2001)
IDS Index of Drug Severity (Piercy et al., 1988)
IFR Index of Family Relations (Hudson, 1982)
IPR Index of Peer Relations (Hudson, 1982)
IT Interactional Therapy (Brown, & Yalom, 1977; Kaminer & Burleson, 1999)
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (
KFST Kvebaek Dyadic Formation Inventory (Cromwell et al., 1980)
K-SADS Kiddie-Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia for School-Age Children (Puig-Antich et al., 1980; Chambers et al., 1985)
LCT Lithium Controlled Trial (Geller et al., 1998)
LSS-A Life Satisfaction Scale for Adolescents (Teichner et al., 1998)
MDFT Multidimensional Family Therapy (Liddle, 2002)
MDFT1 Multidimensional Family Therapy Study 1 (Liddle et al., 2001)
MDFT2 Multidimensional Family Therapy Study 2 (Dakof et al., 2001)
MET Motivational Enhanced Therapy (Miller et al., 1995)
MET/CBT12 Motivational Enhanced Therapy/Cognitive Behavior Therapy – 12 sessions (Sampl & Kadden, 2001; Webb et al., 2002)
MET/CBT5 Motivational Enhanced Therapy/Cognitive Behavior Therapy – 5 sessions (Sampl & Kadden, 2001)
MFEI Multi-Family Educational Intervention (Barrett, 1990)
MMPI Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory (Butcher et al., 1992; Hathaway & McKinley, 1951)
MMS Minnesota Model Study (Winters et al., 2000)
MST Multisystemic Therapy  (Henggeler & Schoenwald, 1998)
MST1 Multisystemic Therapy Study 1 (Henggeler et al., 1991)
MST2 Multisystemic Therapy Study 2 (Henggeler et al., 2002)
NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (
NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse (
NIH National Institutes of Health (
NTIES National Treatment Improvement Evaluation Study (Gerstein & Johnson, 1999)
OPFT Outpatient Family Therapy (Szapoznik et al., 1983)
OTI Opiate Treatment Index (Darke et al., 1992)
PAC Parent-Adolescent Communication Questionnaire (Olson et al., 1982)
PBFT Purdue Brief Family Therapy (Lewis et al., 1990)
PBFTvTIPS Purdue Brief Family Therapy v. Training in Parenting Skills (Lewis et al., 1990)
P-CAS Parent Version-Child Assessment Schedule (Hodges et al., 1982)
PEI Personal Experience Inventory (Winters & Henley, 1989)
PHS Parent-Youth Happiness Scale (Donohue et al., 2001)
PHYS Parent Happiness with Youth Scale (Donohue et al., 2001)
POSIT Problem Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers (McLaney et al., 1994)
PPC-2 Patient Placement Criteria Version 2 (ASAM, 1996)
PPC-2R Patient Placement Criteria Version 2-Revised (ASAM, 2002)
PPS Parenting Practices Scale (Gorman-Smith et al., 1996)
PS Parent Satisfaction Scale (Besalel & Azrin, 1981)
PSI Problem Severity Index (cited in Hser et al., 2001)
PSS Psychiatric Status Schedule (Spitzer et al., 1970)
PSUD Psychoactive Substance Use Disorder (Spooner et al., 2001)
PUHQ Poly-drug Use History Questionnaire (Lewis et al., 1979)
QPBC Quay Problem Behavior Checklist (Quay, 1977)
RWJF Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (
SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (
SCID-IV Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (Spitzer et al., 1992)
SCID-R Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-III-R (Spitzer et al., 1992)
SCL-90-R Symptom Checklist-90-Revised (Derogatis, 1994)
SCQ Situational Confidence Questionnaire (Annis, 1987)
SCT Sertraline Controlled Trial (Deas et al., 2000)
SFPS San Francisco Project Study (Amini et al., 1982)
SPQ SCID II Personality Questionnaire (First et al., 1997)
SPSI-R Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (D’Zurilla et al., in press; D’Zurilla & Nezu, 1990)
SRD Self-Report Delinquency Scales (Elliott et al., 1985)
SRFI Self-Report Family Inventory (Beavers, 1982)
SROS Services Research Outcomes Study (OAS, 1995)
SSSE Strategic Structural Systems Approach v. Engagement as Usual (Szapocznik et al., 1988)
SSSE Strategic Structural Systems Engagement (Szapocznik et al., 1988)
SUD Substance Use Disorder (APA, 1994, 2001)
T-ASI Teen Addiction Severity Index (Kaminer et al., 1991)
TC Therapeutic Communities (Jainchill, Bhattacharya & Yagelka, 1995)
TCA Therapeutic Communities for Adolescents (Jainchill et al., 2000)
TIPS Training in Parenting Skills (Lewis et al., 1990)
TLFB Timeline Follow-Back Interview (Babor et al., 1987; Dennis et al., under review; Sobell et al., 1986)
TLFB-90D 90D version of the Timeline follow-back interview (Miller & DelBoca, 1994; Sobell et al., 1980)
TOPS Treatment Outcome Prospective Study (Hubbard et al., 1985)
T-TSR Teen Treatment Services Review (Kaminer et al., 1987)
YAS Young Adult Self-Report (Achenbach, 1991)
YHPS Youth Happiness with Parent Scale (DeCato et al., 2001)
YRBS Youth Risk Behavior Survey (Kolbe et al., 1993)
YSR Youth Self-Report (Achenbach & Edelbrock, 1987)
YSS Youth Satisfaction Scale (Besalel & Azrin, 1981)