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The War on Drugs

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  22. Forging a New Vision on Drug Policy by Working Together [Southeast Sun, Spring 1994]
  23. Drug Strategies contributed to HBO’s Addiction Project.
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International Drug Policy

  1. U.S. Mexico Unveil Joint Plans to Fight Drug Trade [Reuters, February 6, 1998]
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  10. Mathea Falco’s interview on U.S. international drug policy on PBS’s NewsHour.
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  5. Evaluation of school drug prevention calls for more improvement [Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly, May 24, 1999]

Drug Awareness

  1. Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network: Report Details States Hit Hardest by Fentanyl, Highlights Their Responses
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Drug Courts

  1. New court offers other approach to drug cases [South Bend Tribune, July 28, 1997]
  2. Drug Courts: More Evidence They Reduce Repeat Offenses [Christian Science Monitor, May 19, 1997]
  3. New court offers other approach to drug cases [South Bend Tribune, July 28, 1997]

Cutting Crime

  1. Cutting Crime, Keeping Our Rights [New York Times, April 1, 2000]
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Welfare Reform

  1. Welfare Law Leaves Drug Addicts Little Recourse [Chicago Tribune, April 1, 1997]
  2. Welfare reform requires services for addictions [February 19, 1997]

Violence Prevention School Programs

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