Drug Strategies is a non-profit research institute that promotes more effective drug abuse prevention, education and treatment.

Drug Strategies, created in 1993 with support from major foundations, is a nonprofit research institute based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to identify and promote more effective approaches to substance abuse and to increase public understanding of current research on what works and what does not.

Drug Strategies projects assess education, prevention and treatment initiatives across the country and review federal, state and local drug policies and programs. In addition, Drug Strategies has developed a unique, interactive website designed to provide young people accurate, anonymous information about drugs, bubblemonkey.com (in Spanish, changobomba.com).



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Drug Strategies President Mathea Falco co-hosts a two-day symposium at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University to address lessons from the United States' 40-year war on drugs.

Go to TEEN SUBSTANCE USE: Online Resources for Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery, a website designed to help parents, teens, and professionals find accurate and reliable information related to teen substance use prevention, education, treatment, and recovery.

Drug Strategies presents on Tunnel Tail at the 2014 Games for Health Europe conference. Read about Tunnel Tail, a highly engaging game built on important prevention concepts, developed for the BEST Foundation by Schell Games in consultation with Drug Strategies. More about Tunnel Tail

Drug Strategies and Harvard Law School's Center for International Criminal Justice co-host conferences on transnational organized crime and drug cartels in Mexico.

Drug Strategies President Mathea Falco discusses current drug violence and trafficking in Mexico on Global Journalist radio program.

Drug Strategies contributed to HBO’s Addiction Project.

Visit bubblemonkey.com, Drug Strategies' web site
that gives teens anonymous access to accurate information
about drugs in both English and Spanish.