1998–2008 NDW Photographs

Dr Margaret Hamburg & Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal
Table Setting
Campbell Brown, CNN
Lesley Stahl, from 60 Minutes, Diane Sawyer, from ABC TV, et al.
NDW Awards presentation
Dr. Robert Millman & Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal
Bob Woodfruff and 2007 NDW Award Recipients
Ray Kelly & David Earls
Lesley Stah & Sean Powers
Namecards for NDW Awards
Dr. Beatrix Hamburg, Dr. David Hamburg, and Dr. Margaret Hamburg
Tom McLellan & Hubert Williams
Robert Carswell, Enzo Viscusi, and Ann Carswell
Elizabeth Vargas, ABC TV
Lynn Sherr & Kevin Caufield
Dan Rather, Mathea Falco, and John Whitehead
John Whitehead & Walter Cronkite
Lesley Stahl, Winston Lord, and Rose Styron
Neil Goldschmidt & Diane Sawyer
John Dickerson & David Earls
Peggy Noonan & John Dickerson
Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair
NDW Awards luncheon
Hubert Williams & Philip Heymann
Lesley Stahl, 60 Minutes
Ray Kelly & Tara Tuckwiller
NDW Award Recipients & Lesley Stahl
Connie Chung & Missie Rennie
Ray Kelly & Dr. Margaret Hamburg
Skye Raiser, john Dickerson, and Jeanmarie Condon
Lynn Sherr, ABC TV
Nico Landrigan, Peter Tarnoff, Mathea Falco, and Ward Landrigan
Tom Brokaw & Maureen Orth
Michael Dickerson, David Earls, and Dan Rather
Lesley Stahl & Walter Cronkite
Ruby Hearn, Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal, and Mathea Falco
Nick Miroff & Campbell Brow
Dr. Robert Millman
Peggy Noonan & Diane Sawyer
Verdura silver clocks, award checks, and plaques for winners
Jane Silver, Dr. Joyce Lowinson, and Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal
Ray Kelly, NYC Police Commissioner
NDW Award Recipient, Lesley Stahl
Marni Vliet & Michael Crichton
Orville Schell
Dr. David Hamburg, Mathea Falco, and Dr. Beatrix Hamburg
Dr. Robert Millman, 2006
Tom Brokaw
Brooke Shearer & Mathea Falco
Walter Cronkite, Philip Heymann, and Louise Bryson
George Soros, Jack Rosenthal, and Mathea Falco
Joan Ganz Cooney, Dr. David Harnburg, Mathea Falco, and Peter Peterson
Joan Ganz Cooney, Children's Television Workshop
Peggy Noonan & Enzo Viscuzi
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Ben Tarnoff & Mathea Falco
David Corvo, Missie Rennie, Raymond Kelly, and Lesley Stahl
Bob Woodruff, ABC TV
Lou Michel & Ray Kelly
2006 NDW Awards Luncheon
Marni Vliet, Drug Strategies Board Member Michael Crichton, Author Mathea Falco
Connie Chung & Paul Perito
Jean Rather, Dolores Eyler, Judy Dawkins, Mathea Flaco, and Connie Chung
Michael Crichton, Author
Francesca Rheannon & Elizabeth Vargas
Jean Rather, Mathea Falco, and Suzy Donohue
Lesley Stahl
George Soros & Peter Osnos