The 2005 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards for Excellence in Reporting on Drug and Alcohol Problems

2005 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards Presenters and Speakers:

Connie Chung, CNN
Mark Whitaker, Newsweek
John Whitehead, Whitehead Foundation
Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News

2005 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Awards Winners:

A Steven Okazaki, HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films and Farallon Films for “Rehab” 
An eye-opening documentary about five young addicts going through rehab at a residential treatment center and their experiences trying to stay clean post-treatment. (April 18, 2005)

Lucinda Dillon Kinkead and Dennis Romboy, Desert Morning News (Salt Lake City, UT) for “Generation Meth”
A comprehensive six-part series examining methamphetamine use among single mothers in Utah and the ramifications on their families and the judicial, child welfare and drug treatment systems. (November 14–21, 2004)

Megan Lynch, KMOX Radio (St. Louis, MO) for “Falling Down on Drunk Driving”
An in-depth ten-part report on Missouri’s inadequate response to drunk driving and the impact it has had across the state. (September 2004)


The Sentinel and Enterprise (Fitchburg, MA) for “Decades of Addiction—Drugs in North Central Massachusetts”
A year-long ten-part series on the growing drug problem in the town of Fitchburg, Massachusetts and the intersection between economic downturn, drug addiction and the drug trade and crime. 
(March 20–29, 2005)